The future of our urban mobility systems depends on numerous framework conditions, including technical, political, regulatory, social, cultural, and economic parameters. These conditions are city-specific and serve as the building blocks of what we define here as the Transportation Innovation Ecosystem (TIE) of a city. However, many cities do not have a thorough understanding of their TIEs. This limited understanding reduces the ability of cities to define, adopt, and implement policies that aim to improve mobility.

This project aims at creating a strategic infrastructure for urban policy management in the field of urban mobility. This year we will map and analyze Transportation Innovation Ecosystems in 3 cities – Munich, Budapest and Prague. The outcomes of the project are:

      1.  Visual maps of the Transportation innovation Ecosystem highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the system.
      2.  A set of policy recommendations tailored to improve mobility systems in each city. These recommendations will be presented to municipal leadership in Munich, Budapest and Prague with the aim of further expanding the city’s mobility systems.